Are Your WindshieldWipers Malfunctioning?

Are Your Windshield
Wipers Malfunctioning?

Pick Arklatex Wiper for windshield wiper
installation and replacements in Shreveport, LA

Windshield wipers need to be replaced more often than you may realize. If your wipers are skipping or they haven't been changed in nearly a year, you need a windshield wiper replacement. Choose Arklatex Wiper in Shreveport, LA for a flawless windshield wiper installation. New wipers will keep your windshield clear and help you drive safely. We can come to you to complete the replacement.

Contact us today if you need new wipers.

How to tell if you need to replace your wipers

You should get windshield wiper replacement services if:

  • You notice skipping
  • You hear a squeaking noise
  • You see corrosion on the wiper
  • Parts are missing
  • Your wiper leaves streaks behind

When our work is done, you'll have wipers that run smoothly and quietly. Call us today at 318-458-8616 if you have any questions about our windshield wiper installation services.