Keep Your Windshield Clear

Keep Your Windshield Clear

Get windshield protectant
in Shreveport, LA

Windshield protectant will make your car safer to drive by keeping your windshield clear in inclement weather. You won't have to worry about visibility issues from liquids obstructing your view. Rely on Arklatex Wiper in Shreveport, LA to apply a high-quality windshield glass protectant. We use GlassParency products to deliver the best result possible. GlassParency is a trusted name among many professionals.

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Why should you use a protectant?

GlassParency is a top-of-the-line coating that protects glass surfaces. Applying a windshield protectant will keep your windshield clear of:

  • Rain
  • Mud
  • Snow

The combination of windshield wipers and a windshield glass protectant is the best liquid repelling solution. We'll apply the protectant quickly so you can get back on the road. Call us today at 318-458-8616 if you have any questions about our services.